Audi Maintenance Tips

YOUR AUDI IS SPECIAL: Start Treating It That Way!

Just like most other vehicles, there’s no secret to extending your Audi’s road-life and keeping it in optimal condition. Every vehicle needs a consistent maintenance schedule to keep drivers two steps ahead of any repair need or breakdown. However, the Audi is an exceptional and unique vehicle with advanced technologies and excellent manufacturing standards. The Audi repair experts at Zaks Auto in Hudson, NH want you to know these vital maintenance tips for your Audi.

Monitor the Timing Belt

Our team will always be here to handle any questions or concerns that you have about your Audi. However, we don’t mind letting you in on the process of taking better care of your Audi. The timing belt is an engine component that requires our full attention, and yours. By keeping an eye and an ear out for strange clicking noises, oil leakage, or the engine failing to turn over, and visiting our shop as soon as possible, you’ll steer clear of costly damages. The sooner we can get service critical equipment like the timing belt, the sooner we can address all the other necessary maintenance and repairs.

Brake System Maintenance

The most important system on a high-performance sports vehicle is the braking system. You can only enjoy your Audi’s quick acceleration and smooth handling if your vehicle has a safe, reliable, and effective braking system. Allowing the Audi specialists at Zaks Auto to perform regular brake maintenance services will enhance Audi’s overall performance. Replace brake fluid every 3 years or 30,000 miles, or anytime you replace brake pads or brake rotors. Your Audi is equipped with warning lights on the dashboard to let you know when it’s time to service the brakes. Don’t ignore them or delay.

Power Steering Fluid and Wheel Bearing Replacement

Responsible Audi drivers do whatever’s necessary to maintain superior steering and handling. Pay attention to the sounds coming from the wheel bearings, which will sound like low humming when traveling about 30mph. Before the sound turns to a high-pitched squeal, bring your Audi to the Audi experts at Zaks Auto for a wheel bearing replacement. As a good rule of thumb, power steering fluid should be replaced every 30,000 miles. This can prevent damage to other vehicle components. Your Audi’s handling can also be compromised by faulty ball joints, so it’s best to check them annually!

Audi Transmission Maintenance

Part of the joy of driving your Audi is the power and efficiency of the transmission. Owners ensure that this power and efficiency continues with scheduled preventative maintenance. Transmission fluid should be replaced every 30 – 60,000 miles, so this should be where you look first after a performance issue. There are a number of transmission performance issues that will be corrected, or avoided altogether, by following a consistent maintenance schedule. Our Audi maintenance services keep you two steps ahead of any CV joint, transmission, or drive shaft repair need.

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