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Luxury German brand BMW has always been ahead of the curve. In fact, they were one of the first automakers to use electric water pumps in their vehicles. This innovative component helps to regulate the temperatures in your engine and powertrain.

If your BMW’s water pump is failing, it will drastically affect your car’s drivability. A faulty water pump may lead to excess heat in your engine, causing serious damage.

To keep your car in excellent condition, it’s crucial to recognize the signs of a bad water pump. If you need BMW repair, including a water pump replacement, trust the certified mechanics at Zaks Auto in Hudson, New Hampshire.

Symptoms of a Bad Water Pump

Luckily, there are many proactive steps you can take to protect your BMW from water pump problems. One of these is knowing the symptoms of a failing water pump.

Some common signs of a faulty water pump include:

A coolant leak near the front or center of your car: If you notice puddles of red- or green-colored liquid underneath the front or mid-sections of your car, your water pump may need repair.

Overheating engine: Your BMW’s engine will overheat and produce dampness or moisture if the water pump has problems. A bad radiator or hose can cause your BMW’s engine to overheat.

Reasons for Water Pump Failure

Some of the culprits behind bad BMW water pumps we see at our auto repair shop include:

  • Worn bearings
  • Bad seals
  • Worn or damaged belts
  • Loose drive pulley

Thankfully, our automotive repair technicians have the tools and training to quickly repair any European car, including your BMW.

Keep Your BMW Running Strong

If you think your BMW’s water pump is failing, call the BMW repair specialists at Zaks Auto in Hudson, New Hampshire, today. Since 2008, New England residents have trusted their vehicles to our team.

To book your appointment, call us today at 603-943-7682. You can also visit our auto repair shop located at 24 Hampshire Drive Hudson, NH 03051. We’ll repair your water pump and keep your BMW running at its best for years to come. Call us now!

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