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Does Your Volkswagen Need DME Sensor Repair?

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Is Your Volkswagen DME Sensor Failing? What You Need to Know

For almost a century, drivers across the globe have depended on Volkswagen’s supreme power, performance, and dependability. While these German vehicles have superior safety features, they are not exempt from electrical or mechanical failures.

One problem that Volkswagens can experience is faulty DME sensors. But what is this sensor, and how can you tell if yours is failing?

The Volkswagen repair mechanics at Zaks Auto in Hudson, New Hampshire, can repair all of the problems with your European car. Here’s everything you need to know about DME sensors and how to tell if yours needs to be checked out.

What is a VW DME Sensor?

A Digital Motor Electronic sensor, or DME sensor, captures and processes data in your car, including information on throttle position, speed, airflow, air temperature, and acceleration. This ensures that your Volkswagen is always functioning at its best.

If one of your DME sensors fails, it could start sending bogus information to your vehicle’s fuel injection and ignition system, leading to hefty problems.

Signs of a Failing DME Sensor

Thankfully, you can get ahead of the problem by recognizing the symptoms of a faulty DME sensor. Some red flags that your Volkswagen’s DME sensors are failing include:

An illuminated check engine light: Many issues can trigger your check engine light, including a bad DME sensor. If yours is one, call the certified technicians at Zaks Auto.

Stalling or misfiring: If your VW’s engine is stalling or misfiring, it could be because your DME sensor is sending incorrect information to different systems.

No-start condition: A problematic DME sensor could cause your vehicle to not turn over at all, which is a huge inconvenience.

New England’s Trusted Volkswagen Repair Experts

If your car is displaying any of these issues, call the automotive repair mechanics at Zaks Auto in Hudson, New Hampshire. We’ve been offering quality auto repair since 2008 and specialize in European vehicles.

To schedule your DME sensor repair appointment, call us today at 603-943-7682. Stop by our auto repair shop at 24 Hampshire Drive Hudson, NH 03051. We’ll make sure your Volkswagen is sending all of the right signals!

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