Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes, we do! We have the ability to perform factory-scheduled maintenance on all vehicle platforms.
You can call our service department and we will look it up for you, check your owner’s manual or visit the manufacturer’s website.
Come see us as soon as you can. We will perform a courtesy scan to locate the area of concern. (*May require further diagnosis.)
A flashing check engine light is the most severe warning, and it means that something is misfiring. There are many things that can cause a misfire, but continuing to drive while your car is misfiring causes fast, extensive and expensive damage! STOP driving your vehicle immediately and have it towed to Zaks.
Unfortunately we can not install parts installed by a customer. This negates our insurance and makes us liable if the part fails and causes anyone harm.
YES! We have laptop bar with chargers for all devices, WIFI, coffee, snacks and cookies!
Yes we are! Our only request is that your dog be friendly with all people and other dogs.