Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Services

Our alignment machine is the 2016 John Beam V3400 with the touchless wheel clamping system. It is recessed with no ramps, ideal for lowered vehicles. It also has a 14,000lb capacity with up to 182” extended wheel base, 2-wheel alignment capability for aligning mid-sized trucks and fleet vehicles.



Whether you are protecting your recent tire investment or addressing a tire wear or drivability concern, we have your vehicle covered. This is the standard car alignment that the average vehicle owner has performed on their car. For those looking for a performance boost, consider a custom street performance or racing alignment.

Is this type of alignment right for me?

Are you putting on a new set of wheels and tires? Did you recently hit a large pothole and now your vehicle doesn’t feel like it drives the same? Has it been a long time since your last alignment? Come in to Zaks and we’ll get you squared away!


Lowered – Lifted – Custom

Our performance experts are here to consult with you regarding any custom street alignment you are looking for. Lower your vehicle, lift your truck, or anything in between, visit our shop in the Hudson-Nashua area for your custom alignment.


Do you have your own race alignment specs? Are you looking to change vehicle handling? Oversteer/Understeer? We perform alignments to heavily modified vehicles looking to get everything out of their suspension and handling. Increase your car’s performance with a race alignment at Zaks Auto in the Greater Nashua area.